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LUMENHAUS continues themes developed in the 2005 and 2002 entries to the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. In particular, the idea of integrating green technology with inspiring architecture to design a home without compromise continues.

2005 house header
2005 house

The goal was to develop sustainable ways of building - and thinking about building - through collaborative design and construction. Designed and built in the spirit of no compromise, this solar house offered energy-efficient living in a sensuous and rich environment.

The 2005 Virginia Tech house was ranked first in the architecture, dwelling, daylight and electric light portions of the competition. It was also recognized with the AIA President’s Award for best house and an Excellence in Architecture Award from the Virginia Society AIA. The 2005 solar house is currently on exhibition at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, Va.

Virginia Tech Research Magazine article on the
2005 house

2002 house header
2002 house

Participation in the first Solar Decathlon competition in 2002 established a strong foundation for further research. The theme of the art of integration was realized through a process of design that strived to avoid problems and discover new forms embodied with a sense of the sustainable and the beautiful. This work challenged the ideals of solar housing design, integrated technology and architecture, and ultimately promoted solar power to the general public. The Virginia Tech solar house was awarded the BP Award for Most Innovative House on the Mall and finished fourth overall of 20 research universities.

Virginia Tech In Brief article on the 2002 house pdf

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